SRE, Catechists and Scripture

We have three public schools within our Parish – Strathfield North Public School, Victoria Avenue Public School and Concord West Public School. Once a week volunteers from our Parish attend these primary schools to teach students about the Catholic religion (sanctioned by the student’s parent). We have over 250 students at these schools who attend Catholic Scripture each week. Within the Catholic Church, these volunteers are called Catechists and within the schools these lessons are called ‘Scripture’. If you want to know more about the Catechists Ministry in our Parish, please click here.

SRE During Lockdown!

During this time when scripture at school isn’t an option, we are able to provide parents access to the Catholic SRE ‘Learning from Home’ series. Our Parish uses the ‘Christ Our Life and Life’ programme … you can access it here.

If you need any assistance at all during this time, please do not hesitate to contact the St Ambrose office on 97431023 or our email.