Sacraments at St Ambrose 2022

The St Ambrose Parish is happy to provide information about our Sacraments in 2022.

When Should Children Celebrate the Sacraments?

In the Archdiocese of Sydney, the recommended years for the celebration of the Sacraments are:

            Year 2 – First Reconciliation, Year 3 – First Holy Communion and Year 6 – Confirmation

At St Ambrose, the Sacrament liturgies/masses will be held:

For detailed information (including sessions dates/times), please download our Sacramental Brochure.

Group Sessions:

The Parish Community is happy to support you in your role as parents and guardians by arranging the sacramental program in a way that assists you to prepare your child for these Sacraments. Four x 1 hour sessions will be held in St Ambrose Church prior to each Sacrament with an afternoon reflection to be held for those candidates celebrating their First Holy Communion and Confirmation. 

Attending Mass:

Attending weekend mass is an important part of our religion therefore we are requesting that the candidate and their family attend weekend mass during their sacramental journey – from the Commitment Mass to the day of their Sacrament.

Registration for Sacraments:

It is essential that we know well in advance how many children will be attending Sacraments for grouping purposes and to allow more session times or liturgies/masses if necessary, therefore, please complete the registration asap.

***No further candidates can be accepted for Sacraments of Confirmation or Reconciliation as we have completed those Sacraments this year. Please contact the Sacramental Coordinator if you would like to be contacted for next year’s Sacraments.***

There are two ways to register your child for their Sacrament:

  • Registration forms can be completed online by clicking here.

Changes May Occur:

Of course, dates and times may change at any time, especially if there are COVID-related issues in our area.  Our priority will always be to keep our community safe.

Contact Us:

Please contact the Sacramental Coordinator, Megan Harris if you have any questions: 97431023 on Fridays or email