Key Dates for First Holy Communion 2022

Our Sacraments for our Parish children are nearing the end for 2022. I would like to thank all those parents and carers who ensured their child’s faith life was enriched.  I would like to thank those parents and carers, the teachers of St Ambrose, Tania Chahoud and other St Ambrose Parishioners who helped out before or during the various Services/Masses making the Sacraments a special day for our children.  And finally, I would personally like to thank each and every candidate who made their Confirmation, Reconciliation, or First Holy Communion this year for completing the work, answering the questions, being attentive to the other children, and just being the happy souls that they should be!  Fr Chaminda and I hope that the ceremonies were a happy and holy time that will be long remembered and cherished.  See you in Mass!

If you feel that there could be changes to how the Sacraments are managed or run, please do not hesitate to contact Fr Chaminda or myself.

If your child is in Year 2, Year 3 or Year 6 in 2023 and therefore looking to make the first Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, or Confirmation, please email me and I will contact you in January 2023 with dates and the process for registration.

Parent Information Night: TBA

Sessions (four sessions held at St Ambrose Church): 3.30pm, 5.30pm or 7pm on TBA

Reflection Afternoon: TBA

Ceremonies: TBA

Please contact the Sacramental Coordinator on 97431023 (Fridays) or email with any questions.

First Holy Communion is a parish-based program. The Sacrament of First Holy Communion welcomes baptised children to the Table of the Lord for the first time.  It is offered to children from Year 3 onwards who have celebrated their First Reconciliation.

This program begins in Term 3 of the school year, and includes a Parent Information Night and four x 1 hour group sessions  for both child and a parent.  These sessions are held in the Church.

There may be a Reflection Day focusing on the important aspects of their Holy Communion journey. All children are expected to attend. This will be confirmed at the Parent Information Night.

There will be a practice afternoon on the Fridays prior to the First Holy Communion masses.

Accompanying Children in their preparation for Holy Communion –

August 2021 – Simon Yeats, the Sacramental and RCIA Coordinator for the ‘Life, Marriage and Family Centre’ of the Sydney Archdiocese recently put together an online discussion on how to ‘Accompany Children in their preparation for Reconciliation/Holy Communion/Confirmation’. Please find below the discussion on Holy Communion. We hope it will be beneficial to you as an added formation tool for parents, as the principal educators in the faith.