First Reconciliation

Update 5/02/2021: We have not finalised a date for our First Reconciliation as yet. If you are at a local school within the Parish of Concord West then you will receive a registration letter, either through the local Catholic school or at your child’s Catholic Scripture class, as soon as it is finalised. If you wish to discuss your child’s Sacraments, please contact the Sacramental Coordinator on 97431023 (Mondays OR Fridays) or email Further information is as below.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation, also known as Penance or Confession, celebrates God’s forgiveness and is a prerequisite to the celebration of First Holy Communion.

First Reconciliation is a parish-based program. To participate in the program a child must be a baptised Catholic.  This sacrament is offered to children from Year 2 onwards.  The program also caters for older children, so if children have missed out in previous years, they are still welcome to enrol.

This program begins in Term 2 of the school year.  it begins with an information evening for parents, and then continues with four 1 hour parish based, small group sessions with both child and a parent.  Each group has a parent leader.

For more information please contact the Sacramental Coordinator at or 97431023.