Confirmation 2020

Update 27th June, 2020: Our latest update from the Sydney Archdiocese states that it is very unlikely that the Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated this year. At St Ambrose, we are still considering whether the group sessions will go ahead in August/September this year with the actual Sacrament going ahead next year.

If you have already registered with the Parish this year, I will email you with any updates. If you haven’t registered, please contact for further information.

May God Bless You and Keep You Safe!

The Sacrament of Confirmation strengthens the gifts of the Holy Spirit received in Baptism. It completes the  process of initiation into the Church.

The program will run  in Term 2 of the school year and is offered to all young people in Year 6 or above who have made their First Holy Communion.

The program begins with a Parent Night and continues with four x 1 hour sessions for all participants and at least one parent held in the Aikenhead Centre, St Ambrose Primary School. 

Key dates for 2020 are as follows: 

  • Our 2020 Sacramental Program is suspended until further notice.

We also have a full day Reflection Day held at the Aikenhead Centre.  All children are expected to attend.  There will be a practice afternoon prior to the Confirmation  ceremonies.

Parent Information Night: Monday 6 April.

Group Sessions 5.30pm or 7pm: Thurs 30 April, 7 May, 14 May & 21 May.

Reflection Day: Thurs 28 May OR Friday 22 May (To be confirmed)

Ceremony Practise: Thursday 28 May @ 3.30pm for the 11am ceremony.

Friday 29 May @ 3.30pm for the 2pm ceremony.

Ceremonies: Saturday 30 May @ 11am and 2pm

For more information please download the Sacraments 2020 brochure (as below) or contact the Sacramental Coordinator at