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Feast of Pentecost – Birthday of the Church : 27-28 May 2023

On Pentecost Sunday, the Catholic Church commemorates the Beginning of the Church i.e. the Birthday of the Church.

Let us come together to celebrate the Birthday of the Church by celebrating with a family lunch.  Please join us at St Ambrose Primary School Hall immediately after 9.30am Mass, (in the Church), on Sunday 28 May for music, games and trivia prior to and during lunch. Lunch from 12 -2pm

ALL parishioners are welcome to this celebration.

Families are requested to bring a plate to share. You are also encouraged to wear your own national costume for the 9.30am Mass.

Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Wisdom is the ability to exercise good judgment. It distinguishes between right and wrong, seeks and upholds truth and justice, and balances personal good with the common good. It is in touch with reality, demonstrates common sense and is prudent. It often increases as a person advances in years and gains life experience

Understanding is the gift of intelligence and enlightenment. It is the ability to think clearly; to perceive, comprehend and interpret information; and to have insight and discern meaning.

Counsel is good advice. It is the ability to teach, inform, guide, direct, warn, admonish, recommend and encourage. It is not limited to the giving of advice but extends to the ability to graciously receive it. The gift is needed by parents, teachers, coaches, supervisors, mentors, therapists, lawyers, clergy, consultants, elders and spouses — anyone who offers advice to others.

Fortitude is an unwavering commitment to God or a proper course of action, and it shows itself as moral strength, courage, determination, patient endurance, long suffering, a resolute spirit, stamina and resiliency.

Knowledge is the ability to study and learn; to acquire, retain and master facts and information; and to put what is learned to good use for constructive purposes.

Fear of the Lord is awe, reverence and respect for God. It acknowledges that everything comes as a gift from God, downplays personal achievement and self-sufficiency, and gladly offers praise, worship and adoration to God.

Piety is personal holiness, and it includes devotion to God, prayer, virtue, goodness, decency, self-mastery, innocence, the avoidance of sin and obedience to God’s will.

Dear Parishioners and Children


We are entering into the month of May which is traditionally dedicated to Mary, Our Heavenly Mother. I invite all of you to walk with our Heavenly Mother in this month and pray for her intercession to bring peace to the whole world very specially to the war-torn areas of the world. We have printed a Marian Calendar to facilitate all of you to walk with Our Blessed Mother in this month. In addition to this, I invite you to come to the church to recite the Holy Rosary, if possible, with the rest of our parishioners.

I also encourage you to recite the Rosary at home. Fr. Jonathan and I would be happy to join your family to recite the rosary. If you are interested, please let us know. It may be a great opportunity to bless your family and your home. A cup of coffee or tea may suffice.

We pray for you and please pray for us.

Fr. Chaminda Wanigasena

The Recitation of the Rosary during the month of May in our Parish Church.
Monday: 8.30am and 6.30pm
Tuesday: 6.45 pm and Devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes
Wednesday and Thursday: 8.30am
Friday: 8.30am & 6.30pm
Saturday: 8am

The Solemnity of Corpus Christi
Sunday 11 June 202
3- 9.30am Solemn Mass followed by the Procession

9.30am Solemn Mass followed by the Procession

The solemnity of Corpus Christi is a celebration of Christ’s Real Presence in the Eucharist.

It parallels the celebration on Holy Thursday in commemoration of the institution of this Sacrament. When the Eucharist is carried through the streets in solemn procession, the Christian people give public witness of their faith and devotion toward the Sacrament of the Eucharist. The Corpus Christi procession is a walk with the Lord. The Lord who has become our bread is thus showing us the way, is in fact our way, He leads us.

The Route of the Corpus Christi Procession
The Corpus Christi procession will proceed from St Ambrose Catholic Church down Mackenzie Street to Warbick Park and return to the Church via the footpath along Concord Road. The whole procession will be approximately one kilometer. This Corpus Christi procession will be concluded with a Solemn Final Blessing in front of the church.
There will be a BBQ after the procession and you are most welcome.
Your participation will be highly appreciated.

Please save the date and be part of this parish event.
The Solemn Mass is @ 9.30am followed by the Procession


The Passionist Family Group in our Parish is called Seekers, as we seek God and each other in our Parish.

The motto is “A Family for All” and everyone is welcome- single, married, with or without a partner and/or children, young and not so young. Non church attending partners are very welcome.

We have monthly gatherings where we get to know each other. Some of the activities we enjoy are Breakfast in the park, games afternoons and potluck dinners.

If you would like to meet others in the Parish, you are welcome to join us for our next gathering. Please contact us so we can share the details of time and place.

We invite you to join us this weekend for Afternoon Tea at a member’s home on Sunday 21st May from 2-5pm. For details of the venue please ring 97363686 and leave a message.

Kerry and Paul Wijngaarden 97363686 or email.

Divine Mercy Devotion

Next celebration: Sunday 11th June, 2023

Come let’s celebrate! Everyone is welcome. Enquiries – Please call Annie 0414652479 or Email.

Our COVID SAFE plan in Church:

  • Churches are open to all people regardless of vaccination status.
  • Masks are optional whilst inside the Church.
  • All members of the congregation are permitted to sing.

If you or anyone you know within our Parish is experiencing distress or anxiety, Fr Chaminda is available to have a chat (parish office 9743 1023, please leave a message if unattended, clearly stating your name and contact number).