Welcome to St Ambrose Catholic Church, Concord West

We are requesting that masks be worn in the Church as COVID cases are on the rise again.


My Dear Parishioners

The past month challenged many of us mainly due to many factors such as cold weather, rain, the surge of the covid cases and the flu. However, it was encouraging to see that many were present at our Sunday masses withstanding the above challenges. I wish that God may bless all of us during this month of August and continue to keep us safe and healthy.

The Month of August is traditionally dedicated to the immaculate heart of Mary. Her heart is a symbol of purity. Jesus was first conceived in Mary’s heart before He was conceived in her womb. Mary was the first tabernacle, sacred and pure which carried our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, I encourage all of you to seek Mary’s intercession for a pure heart. The solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary falls on the 15th of August and I invite all of you to honour her by attending the holy mass on this special day and receiving the Lord with a pure heart.

Let us also pray for all those parishioners who operate small and medium-sized businesses within our parish or outside. It is no doubt that they have been badly affected by the pandemic and the economic crisis and therefore, let us pray for all of them that they may be guided by the Holy Spirit and be strengthened with resilience.

I take this opportunity to thank all the parish volunteers who serve our parish. In Jesus and Mary
Fr. Chaminda Wanigasena
Parish Administrator


Just a reminder that our next Mass with Sacrament of the Sick will be celebrated on Friday 19 August at 10.30am. Fr Chaminda will minister this Healing Sacrament during the Mass, moving through the Church, anointing each person in their seat- making it easier for those who are less mobile.

Please invite any friends, neighbours, and relatives as they may not know about it if you don’t tell them. They may need advanced notice to reschedule medical appointments.

All parishioners are welcome to come to this Mass and pray with and for those seeking physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual healing in this Sacrament. VASA may be able to provide transport. Please ring Kerry 9736 3686 or Trish 8765 1295 if you have any questions.

Next Divine Mercy monthly devotion is held at 1pm on Sunday, 14 August (Mass at 3pm) here at St Ambrose, Concord West.

St Faustina First Class Relic is Available for Veneration.

Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be celebrated on Monday 15th August. 

There will be two masses in our Church (9.00 am and 7.30 pm). The recitation of the Rosary will take place before the mass. 


The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney’s Parish Renewal Conference is an opportunity for clergy, parish leaders and parishioners to be renewed in the Church’s mission of evangelisation and equipped to strengthen their practical efforts through spiritual, intellectual, pastoral and human formation.

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Our COVID SAFE plan in Church:

  • Churches are open to all people regardless of vaccination status.
  • Masks are encouraged whilst inside the Church.
  • All members of the congregation are permitted to sing.

If you or anyone you know within our Parish is experiencing distress or anxiety, Fr Chaminda is available to have a chat over the phone (parish office 9743 1023, please leave a message if unattended, clearly stating your name and contact number).