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Easter Messages

As we move through lent let’s try to do more to prepare ourselves for Easter.


Join us for a special Lenten Mercy night at St
Ambrose. Come and rest in Jesus’ presence – sit with
him, talk to him, listen to him. Take time to examine
your conscience and receive God’s mercy through
the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Lenten Pastoral Letter

My Dear Sisters and Brothers

We are in the season of Lent which prepares us for the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. This is a great season for us to look at our relationship with God and our sisters and brothers. If it is at odds, let us put it in order. God will appreciate you if you could take one step closer to Him during this season.

Let us take courage from the forgiving words of Jesus on the cross, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34) and extend an olive branch to those with whom we have struggled to get on well. So, I encourage all of you to give permission to God, our Merciful Father, just like Jesus, to forgive those who have hurt you. In the same way, you may take the responsibility to reach out to those whom you have offended. So, I suggest that you may start praying for yourself and for them. Let us make a genuine effort to rise from all our bitterness and resentment against others and be filled with the joy of Resurrection.

Together with Fr. Jonathan Vala, our part-time Assistant Priest, I impart upon you all our blessings that you may experience a renewal of heart and mind during this season of Lent.

Fr. Chaminda Wanigasena

CONCORD WEST VINNIES CONFERENCE will be holding their AGM on Monday 27th March in the Parish Print Room at 7:30pm. Any interested parishioners are invited to attend. An opportunity to hear about our work throughout the past year and get a first-hand view of what we are involved with.

Lent 2023 is here!

Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS) would be most grateful for donations to their Foodbank.

Sr. Maureen would also appreciate physical help to bring the donations from the Church to her residence. If you can assist after one of the weekend Masses, please contact Sr Maureen: 0431960050

Project Compassion assists Caritas Australia to help vulnerable people around the world.

Please take a set of Project Compassion envelopes or money box from the gold baskets at the church doors.

Return your envelope donation to the church each Sunday and put the envelope in the special Project Compassion Box in front of the altar.

Bring boxes back on Palm Sunday. It is a concrete expression of pastoral charity.

More information at the Caritas website.

Divine Mercy Devotion

Divine Mercy Sunday 16 April at St Ambrose,

Concord West. 

Our COVID SAFE plan in Church:

  • Churches are open to all people regardless of vaccination status.
  • Masks are optional whilst inside the Church.
  • All members of the congregation are permitted to sing.

If you or anyone you know within our Parish is experiencing distress or anxiety, Fr Chaminda is available to have a chat (parish office 9743 1023, please leave a message if unattended, clearly stating your name and contact number).